Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

garlanding on a rainy afternoon

J.'s mum gave me an old piece of bed linen that unfortunately was totally ripped on one side. Unfortunately - well. Now I can cut it without feeling bad and use it for some craft projects. The first one (which just took a tiny part of the fabric and could be very well done with scraps, too!) was a little red and white garland. It's actually the first time I confined myself to only two colours - I usually go for the multi-colour-thing including about 1.394 different colours and materials.

That's why I absolutely needed to add the little red pompom ribbon, otherwise it just would've been too straight...

Ps. The cat has been sleeping like that for about one and a half hours now... she seems to share my love for old linen!

Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

happiest weekend.

I very much enjoyed the weekend, it was just perfect, including some gardening, repainting old cupboards (will show you later), shopping, cooking, watching movies. Oh, and, of course, some sewing, like the above dress for which the pattern came from the book "simple style dress" - it's right the one on the cover. I got the fabric at our last Berlin visit here.

Oh, and the weather at the moment is just perfect, as well! Not too hot, just warm and sunny enough to enjoy the time outside, but at the same time to sleep well.

Hope you had a good one!

Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

mobile - finished. and baby pile growing

I didn't like the typical baby mobiles you can buy in baby stores. Instead I thought it's more about the moving, the different shapes and colours, right?

While for a long time we didn't have any baby equipment, right now things started piling up in our bedroom. We don't have a place for all the tiny stuff yet, we're planning to get the kids room ready after our summer holiday in mid august.

I'll keep you posted with a little before-after story, of course ;)

P.s. Finally it's raining :)))

Montag, 19. Juli 2010

fresh from garden & studio

This is our latest harvest from the garden. The strawberries were tiny and not very many, but truly delicious. I hope there will be some rain soon, the plants really need it with all the sun and heat.

I usually love summer - except for this year. I so hope that the heat will be gone soon and the first time of my life I feel more like snuggling inside with some books, my laptop and cats on the sofa than sitting outside and enjoying the mildness of summer evenings. Maybe it has to do with pregnancy, who knows.

Also I feel like I need to have more time for a couple of craft projects I have in my mind right now, like the one above which is supposed to become a mobile. I prefer crafting inside, and I prefer it not being hot, humid and sunny outside - at least not at the moment.

Summer, thanks for having been here and for having been so intense, but I've had enough of you.

How do you feel about summer and crafting?

Montag, 12. Juli 2010

even the cats sweat...

... this is how hot it's been in the past couple of days. basically, all of us are lying around like the cats (just showing you the cats since it's probably a bit more pleasant).

anyway, i've been complaining about the cold long rainy winter, now it's summer galore and i'm still complaining... i definitely prefer the hotness of summer, altough it's not always funny to carry a bump with 38,5 degrees celcius. but - no winging.

we're going to berlin tomorrow, can't wait, hope you're having a good week and weekend!