Montag, 29. November 2010

winter time - bunting time!

Well, actually this is just an excuse to produce and put up even *more* buntings and garlands than usual.
It started snowing this morning and it hasn't stopped since then. Lovely!

Ps. Advent calendar is up! I'll share a picture soon.

Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

mei tai - and not the cocktail...

So far, the only thing I would associate with "Mei Tai" was the drink. Now, I am a mother and am being introduced to a whole new world of things, expressions, and knowledge. It's like a parallel world I knew of but didn't think it would be so big. Those of you who have/are expecting babies probably know what I am talking about!

To cut a long story short: I sewed a Mei Tai. I had never heard about this before, but as I entered the world of baby carrying and did some research on the internet, I quickly stumbled upon it. First, I wanted a wrap to carry Javi, but as I am not patient at all I figured it would be too complicated for me. The Mei Tai instead (got the pattern here) is a lot easier to use (plus you can chose the fabric to match your outfit;)).

Et voilà, here it is:

(Sorry for the crappy picture, priorities are getting shifted)

And - surprise, surprise, he really quite likes it which I didn't expect since it's really quite tight in there ;)

Now I just need to train my back to be able to carry him longer that 45 minutes. Oh, and I need to practice eating and drinking while carrying him - today, I spilled a bit of couscous and apple juice on his little head.

Dienstag, 23. November 2010

12 months project

As Javi is one month old today, I took his very first picture for the 12 months project. I read about this idea at cakies and found it fabulous. I think it's such a sweet thing to look at and to follow the little one's development.

I'm still busy with sewing advent calendar cones, I'm confident they'll be finished by the end of the month. Also, I started putting up some christmas decorations - have you?

Ps. This is what my crafting space looks like at the moment - so chaotic. But as much as I'm opposed to physical chaos in the rest of my life, I don't mind it too much - sometimes, I even think oit helps with being creative. What about you, what kind of crafter are you? Well organized or super chaotic?

Sonntag, 14. November 2010


It seems like the perfect coincidence that this lovely magazine was launched just as I am having a baby. I am quite disgusted by most of the existing magazines for parents, I don't know who they are made for but it feels definitely not for me.

So I'm extra thankful to Dolores who has come up with kleinformat, a magazine for creative parents. It has fabulous artwork, photos, and ideas. It presents many amazingly talented and creative people. I'm super excited about the third issue which will be a christmas one, and I just had to get a subscritpion.

So anyone who is annoyed by all these boring magazines for parents out there (and has a fair knowledge of German) - go get it! Please help to keep this wonderful project alive.

Have a cosy Sunday night!

Ps. Thanks Dolores for letting me use your pictures!

Pps. You see the lovely little romper suit to the very right in the picture above? I just got it for Javi, plus another Bobo Choses one with Leica cameras on it... Super cute.

Freitag, 12. November 2010

la nursery.

Finally I managed to share some pics of the nursery. The curtains are still missing, but since we live in an old building with high ceiling we would need one of these super long ladders to put them up. Which we don't have. Yes, we could borrow one - that's been our plan for the past 4 months. To be honest, I don't think these curtains will ever be up.

I love this piece - it has been in J's family for a very long time.

I got this lovely wooden postcard when we were in Berlin this summer.

This was the first piece we bought for Javi. It is really tiny and doesn't really fit anymore. He just wore it once: On our way from the hospital home, which makes it even more special to me.

Have a lovely Friday!

Dienstag, 9. November 2010

advent preparations

Last year, I made this advent calendar for just J and me. We just had 8 cones - one for each advent Sunday for each of us. This year, I'm thinking of an upgrade: I want to prepare a total of 24 bags - 8 for J, 8 for me and 8 for Javi (who won't really be able to unwrap the presents, teehee, but still I kind of want this lovely tradition to be in his life from the very beginning). I'm excited to make new little bags - I especially like about this whole project that you don't really need "christmasy" fabrics to make it look festive!

What about your advent preparations, have you already started? Do you have advent calendars, hand-crafted or bought?

Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

he's here.

Finally. Welcome, Javi.

Ps. Sorry for having been absent for such a long time - now you know why ;) I hope you're doing just as well as we are and enjoying fall just as much as we are. I'll have a different view on the beauty of turning and falling leaves from now on...