Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

mei tai - and not the cocktail...

So far, the only thing I would associate with "Mei Tai" was the drink. Now, I am a mother and am being introduced to a whole new world of things, expressions, and knowledge. It's like a parallel world I knew of but didn't think it would be so big. Those of you who have/are expecting babies probably know what I am talking about!

To cut a long story short: I sewed a Mei Tai. I had never heard about this before, but as I entered the world of baby carrying and did some research on the internet, I quickly stumbled upon it. First, I wanted a wrap to carry Javi, but as I am not patient at all I figured it would be too complicated for me. The Mei Tai instead (got the pattern here) is a lot easier to use (plus you can chose the fabric to match your outfit;)).

Et voilà, here it is:

(Sorry for the crappy picture, priorities are getting shifted)

And - surprise, surprise, he really quite likes it which I didn't expect since it's really quite tight in there ;)

Now I just need to train my back to be able to carry him longer that 45 minutes. Oh, and I need to practice eating and drinking while carrying him - today, I spilled a bit of couscous and apple juice on his little head.


  1. i totally know what you mean ;)
    i think you have done a lovely job!!

  2. :o) erinnerungen. seufz.
    mein sohn ist ja schon 16.
    und "all das neue" bereits so weit weg.

    und dein mei tai. mit dem wundervollsten inhalt überhaupt. so schön.


  3. You picked such a beautiful fabric, I love it a lot!