Sonntag, 14. November 2010


It seems like the perfect coincidence that this lovely magazine was launched just as I am having a baby. I am quite disgusted by most of the existing magazines for parents, I don't know who they are made for but it feels definitely not for me.

So I'm extra thankful to Dolores who has come up with kleinformat, a magazine for creative parents. It has fabulous artwork, photos, and ideas. It presents many amazingly talented and creative people. I'm super excited about the third issue which will be a christmas one, and I just had to get a subscritpion.

So anyone who is annoyed by all these boring magazines for parents out there (and has a fair knowledge of German) - go get it! Please help to keep this wonderful project alive.

Have a cosy Sunday night!

Ps. Thanks Dolores for letting me use your pictures!

Pps. You see the lovely little romper suit to the very right in the picture above? I just got it for Javi, plus another Bobo Choses one with Leica cameras on it... Super cute.


  1. congrats on your first bundle of joy.
    My best baby find ever with my children was the See Kai Run shoes you will love them!

  2. I know, parents magazines are most of the time horrible! Sad I don't speak German :(

    Oh, and to answer your question about the girl-boy situation. We didn't decided to keep it a surprise. The baby did (legs crossed)! I was not suppose to have another ecography but with the mini drama of this week I will have another one at 33 maybe we will know if it is a Alice or an Arthur!

    Have a lovely weekend. xox

  3. dang me for not speaking German! Is it just me or great magazines are always out of my reach?