Montag, 19. Juli 2010

fresh from garden & studio

This is our latest harvest from the garden. The strawberries were tiny and not very many, but truly delicious. I hope there will be some rain soon, the plants really need it with all the sun and heat.

I usually love summer - except for this year. I so hope that the heat will be gone soon and the first time of my life I feel more like snuggling inside with some books, my laptop and cats on the sofa than sitting outside and enjoying the mildness of summer evenings. Maybe it has to do with pregnancy, who knows.

Also I feel like I need to have more time for a couple of craft projects I have in my mind right now, like the one above which is supposed to become a mobile. I prefer crafting inside, and I prefer it not being hot, humid and sunny outside - at least not at the moment.

Summer, thanks for having been here and for having been so intense, but I've had enough of you.

How do you feel about summer and crafting?

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