Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

finally - the apron

So here's me and my apron from lovely Venus. It's so pretty I don't even dare wearing it :) But I will, eventually.

The girls' night last night was fabulous, we had a great time chatting and eating and adoring the super tiny baby socks.

There's a big flea market coming up this weekend, it starts tonight but we plan on going tomorrow in the early morning. Keep your fingers crossed for some good flea market finds!

Have a wonderful Friday.


  1. Guten tag! You look beautiful! You must wear it... don't be scared! This is perfect for when you go to the flea markets.

    I'm so happy you like the apron. Thank you for the post. You made my day!!!

  2. das ist eine schürze? wunderschön. mit dem gelb.
    ich hab übrigens jetzt erst gesehen, dass du bei mir einen kommentar hinterlassen hast. danke dafür!