Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2010

happy adventing.

I was planning on posting these pictures yesterday, but then a calm day turned into a busy day so I had to postpone it. SO: Here's the 2010 version of the advent calendar:

I just talked to a friend on the phone who made a similar one - except she has two kids. So she made 48 little bags. Oh. my. god.

Also, I gave my chandelier a festive outfit:

Here's our kitchen view into the garden (I was gonna get a better picture but then it was way to cold to leave the house again):

These wintery days have actually been the first couple of days I managed to sew again. I made three pairs of pants for me, they are so comfortable and easy to sew that I'd like to get one of these really soft thick nice fabrics and make some for Javi, too. Similar to these from momolorelei, which I find absolutely adorable:

Ps. I'm invited to a Stich'n'Bitch on Friday - have you ever done anything similar?


  1. This is such a beautiful advent calendar.

    I never went to a Stich'n'Bitch so let me know how it was!

  2. simply beautiful ♥
    you're talented ! <3