Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

my new belated me

Happy new year, ya'all. And I know I'm late.

The funny thing is: I've never been late before, I'm just not the being-late-type of person. I guess this is what they mean when they say that children change everything: Right now, I'm late all the time.

It's a bit challenging for me to accept that life has changed so much and that Javi now is the center of it - any minute, any second, day and night. Which means I start struggling when I:
  • try to finish something I started right away as I used to
  • bake all-lovely-from-scratch-homemade-especially spiced-organic samosas for a get together instead of just buying some croissants at the bakery ( J told me to. I know I could have and nobody would have minded and it wouldn't have taken me all day - but I'm just happier that way.)
  • try not to forget birthday wishes and thank you notes
  • keep taking pictures, organize them, upload them to flickr and this blog, and print out some of them for my tactile memory
  • try to stay up-tp-date with the latest political and cultural events
  • be social with all of my friends
  • try to not wear the same each day.
These are things I used to be able to manage Pre-Javi, and now he's here and doesn't care a fig (which I love him for).

But this shows me once again: We're not perfect, we can't be. Instead, we should work on getting our priorities in order to be able to work on things, but also to let things go.

So would you please excuse me in case you won't see me around this space as often as before for some time.

P.s. I've had this light chain for 6 years and it died right after I took this picture. I took it as a good sign :)

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