Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011


Sorry it's been so calm around here. But let me assure you: I used the break well enough - let me tell you what I did in the past couple of months (does that sound like a lame excuse? Well maybe it is one...):

1. I enjoyed this lovely invention called "Elternzeit" (literally: "Parents' time") that Germany offers to mothers and fathers and that allows you to spend up to 14 months at home with your kid(s) with 66% of your net pay, sponsored by the government. So since the weather is finally getting nicer and nicer, we went for walks, sat down in the garden, had many small and big friends over for homemade cake and bbqs, got to know the birds and bugs of our garden, studied the moves and sounds of our cats, looked at toys and books and identified all the things that makes us laugh out loud.

2. I made up my mind what else, beside the lovely things mentioned above, I want to do with my time while I don't have to go back to work. As anticipated, I really love being a mom and spending time with Javi, my hands started itching and my head started thinking of new things to make and sew. So I came up with this new project, called mes poulettes. It’s about having ideas, using your hands, making life a little bit sweeter, using pretty and good quality materials, making new out of old and loving what you do. Plus a little bit of French attitude which can never be bad.

So, my friends: I would be more than pleased if you followed me into this new adventure. I hope you like it and I hope to meet you over at my new website/blog.

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