Freitag, 28. Mai 2010


Sorry I've been away for so long! Now I'm back and my intention is to be better with blogging again.

I hope you're all well?

Many things have happened in the last couple of months:
  • Spring finally came and allowed us to step outside in flip-flops for the first time
  • I planted peas in the garden and they've grown a meter high
  • Cherry blossom came and went, tiny green cherries showed on the tree in front our balcony and now turned reddish
  • I found out that I'm pregnant :)))
The last point is also my excuse for not blogging - well, basically it's my excuse for everything right now.

Whenever I had time (and was not in the bathroom throwing up), I spent it being lazy in the hammock, talking to my veggie plants or trying to minimize the huge pile of plain pillows from our last IKEA trip sitting in my room. Above you can see one of the results, made from a tiny part of the many many yards of new fabric I bought on our last trips to Berlin and Hamburg. To make them more personal, I appliqued lace and doilies I inherited from my grandmother. Making pillowslips is so much fun - you don't need huge supplies of fabric, instead it gives you the chance to convert something old into something new and - it's quick!

Take care,

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