Montag, 1. Februar 2010

will it ever stop?


to be honest, i don't think so. i'm pretty sure the whole global warming thing was just a big misunderstanding - or, even worse, part of a large-scale conspiracy. i'm not sure at all if it will be sunny and warm ever again. so i figured i'd better get used to it - otherwise, the disappointment would be to big to stand it.

so by my standards, i've come to terms with the snow quite well. since i don't leave the house any more unless i really have to, i've got lots of extra-time to spend with my sewing machine. here's what i've sewed in the past 5 days:

*a rain- and snowproof sponge bag
*a rain-and snowproof camera bag
*a rain- and snowproof shopping bag
*a pair of striped, lightweight cotton pants for summer
*a wrap-around skirt for summer

you see, i have not quite entirely admitted defeat, there are still parts of me that keep on fighting. but the snow is really wearing me down.

so, if you're fighting against the urge to coil up and sleep until spring (like me), i recommend some fun projects to brighten up your day. as promised, here is the tutorial for the rain- and snowproof shopping bag:

1. gather your materials. i chose a waterproof fabric, soft linen fabric for the lining, some trim and a doily.

2. cut the pieces the size you want them to be. you need 2 big pieces for the bag plus 2 for the lining (same size). afterwards, cut 2 long pieces for the handles.

3. applique your trims etc. on the fabric before you sew the two pieces - left side on left side - together.

3. sew and cut off the edges to make the bag a little spacier. do the same with the inner bag.

4. sew inner and outer bag together. though i hardly ever use needles to fix the fabric because i'm too lazy, this is the right moment to do it. it'll help you to get the stuff toghether without unwanted pleats.

5. make two handles out of the small fabric pieces and sew them onto the bag. stitch back- and forwards multiple times to make sure they won't come off or tear.

6. done! now take your new bag for a walk in the snow - if you dare.

happy snowing - uhm - sewing.

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