Montag, 8. Februar 2010

zurich & chopsticks

my first (and only) time in zurich was when i was 19. i visited a friend who had just started going to university in constance.

we drove to zurich because a) it's not far and b) the gas was cheaper in switzerland. besides that, the only thing i remember is that we went to a beautiful japanese store where we bought chopsticks.


not for eating - by that time, i wasn't very interested in home improvement articles. my friend and i returned them to their true determination, as we believed: hair accessoires. seriously, they were perfect to pin up our long, curly hair, and so much prettier than regular pencils or whatever else could be found in our bags during boring classes.

so this is my connection between chopsticks and zurich, and since i will be going back on the weekend, i had to think of that.

btw, what are you favourite guidebooks?


  1. That Wallpaper guide book looks great, so simple and stylish. I have a big stack of Loney Planet guides - always packed with info covering so many things about a new place. I love to go travelling. I have really itchy feet right now and the idea of packing up home and taking my family to expore another country is so appealing. Have a great time in Zurich.

  2. i really like lonely planet, too. and i know what you mean by itchy feet! ;)