Sonntag, 24. Januar 2010

decluttering galore, or: one girl's trash is another one's treasure

it's been just about time. time for a proper decluttering session. and the perfect point of time, too: i'm going to a clothes swap next sunday.

have you ever done that? it's great. here are the rules:

1. go through your closet and pick everything you haven't worn for the past 12 months.

2. get some girl friends together and have them bring themselves and their unwanted stuff to your house. put it in piles on the floor/bed/chairs/tables/sofas - whatever space is available. in addition to the clothes, it is recommended to bring lots of nibbles and drinks along.

3. now the screening starts: there's enough time for everyone to go through the piles. from that point onwards, keep an eye on everything you like ;)

4. have a short break to breathe, chat, eat and drink.

5. now it's presenting time: every girl presents the items she's brought (including little stories, which makes it much more fun).

6. if you want the item, scream as loud as you can ;) if there are two or more interested in the same item, roll the dice.

7. take all the stuff that's been left unwanted to your local charity shop and be happy about your new wardrobe!

you should try it, it's much fun and we have even extended the 'clothes swap' to an 'everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-swap', which involves bringing books, jewelery, make up, cds, dishes, tableware, small pieces of furniture, fabric, unwanted presents and much more.

happy swapping!

ps. to give yout the right amount of energy for your decluttering session, i recommend:

The Killers - Human

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