Sonntag, 24. Januar 2010

how do you keep track?

my favourite teacher in school used to tell us that "history creates identity". obviously, she was my history teacher, and in 7th grade i never understood what she meant. nevertheless, this statement has been stuck in my head until today.

and actually i think it has two meanings for us - the first being the one indented by my teacher: the literal one that is to be seen in a macro social context, meaning the history of your country and/or your society.

the second meaning, i believe, refers to your own, personal history. we make decisions all the time in our lifes. these decisions and, more importantly, the results, shape our personalities and evoke feelings, likes and dislikes, love, beauty, and more.

but how do we keep track of these moments of our life, also the small ones, that are moved to the subconscious after a certain amount of time? i'm not really a diary person, not in the traditional way, so i had to come up with something else.

instead of writing proper, comprehensive sentences, one after another, i prefer just taking short notes of words, writing down pieces, scribbling little scenes, taking reading notes, writing down lines of songs or glueing right in whatever i get hold of that has some kind of importance to me, either in terms of meaning or beauty.

hope you're having a great sunday.


  1. For some weird reason, i needed this. Life seems to have gotten in the way of any type of history for me. It's been a long time since I've had anything tangible in the way of an inspirational diary. It generally consists of loose papers crumbled in the bottom of my tote. My new goal is to put my thoughts down on something like your own. Thanks again, and sorry this is so wordy.

  2. Dear Sonnie Sue,
    Thanks for your comment, and it's not too wordy at all. I wish you good luck and much fun with your memory book!