Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

keep calm...

i got this today and i love it. you should check out eva's etsy shop.

i don't like the story behind it so much though since it's related to WWI, that's why i won't tell it. i'd rather make up my own story or don't have a story at all. i just think it is a great motto.

here's a ring that i also really like, also because of it's imperfect quality:


it's a hand made silver ring and it says: this too will pass. i think that's almost a kind of buddhist thought and to me it's quite comforting.


  1. i love both the words on these, i have a keep calm poster and a mug - this too will pass is my mantra at the moment, its good to remember that everything changes, and bad times will pass. :-)

  2. kim,
    i think so, too. a mug actually is a good idea since it can be taken to the office - where it sometimes would be much needed!