Dienstag, 31. August 2010

2 days left...


Thursday will be my last day at work for a bit more than a year... Really, really strange for me - I have never really stayed home without any work. Well, I'm sure there will be work, but definitely a totally different kind than what I am used to.

For the next two months though I'll be staying home and I'll have lots of time to do whatever I want (J. has already carefully suggested to open my DaWanda shop again - I think he's afraid we'll drown in handmade stuff otherwise...). Well, the local fabric store and my favourite online fabric stores will be thankful.

Have a good week!


  1. I just discovered your blog thanks to flickr. It is so beautiful and I'm so impressed by all your craft works. It keeps me motivated since I just began to sew and that I mostly fail miserably :).
    May I ask xhat's the online fabric store you're talking about?
    Congrats for the baby!

  2. Dear Fred,
    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment! You shouldn't give up on sewing, it is such a great thing and there are so many beautiful and easy projects out there! I can recommend the books by Lotta Jansdotter. As for the fabric stores, these are my two favourite ones (both German, sorry...): www.frautulpe.de & www.charlottas.de

  3. Thank you very much for the adresses and your encouragement, german is ok since I come from Alsace in france, near germany, but I live in Spain (how complicated!).
    I'll take a look at the books, there are so many of them Yay! I think I'll sew like crazy next days, plus I have lots of antique linen from my mom, some of them have holes and I'll try to make something out of them.