Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

goal #3: check

Yes. We have a new closet. Finally, all my pretty dresses and skirts are no longer at dust's and cat's mercy, but have what they deserve: A nice house to keep them warm, dust free and cat safe.

Putting all of the clothes gently on hangers and into the closet, I once again realized how many of them I actually have (though of course I keep denying it in front of J). For now they don't fit me, so I will be patiently waiting until they do again - and then it will be as if I had soo many new clothes! :)

So, here are some before-after pictures for you:

P.s. Tomorrow is the big cupcake day! I still don't have anything like a cake stand or similar to present them... hm-hm-hmmm...

P.p.s. Goal reaching is going pretty well these days - I might have to come up with some more goals? Or maybe it's just by body that knows I won't and shouldn't be reaching any goals when the baby is here...

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