Sonntag, 22. August 2010

goal #4, pt. I: check

Well, not a trillion, but - six. It's a start.

I always find it pretty amazing what can be done in just a couple of hours, when you're fully concentrated and dedicated to one thing. Today, I screenprinted two little romper suits my mum gave us - I never can just take white things, I always need to add something to them.
This literally just took a couple of minutes. Only a bit longer did it take to sew this snuggler, pattern taken from Lotta Jansdotters fabulous book:

This used up some of the fabric I got yesterday, so, as always, I have much fabric left over. Which I don't particularly mind, of course. I like the fact that the fabric gives the snuggler some kind of a Japanese kimono touch - and also, that we'll kind of have the same outfit since I'll use the same fabric for a dress for me. The fabric I used for the lining is some kind of super soft, strechy terry cloth which just seemed perfect for some little winter hats in different sizes:

Patterns taken also from Lotta's book.

A part of the white teddy fabric I used for a musical toy, which plays Pachelbel's canon in D major (I was lucky enough to find an online shop selling little music machines playing songs different from the usual that I can't stand listening to...).

I hope your Sunday was/is as good as mine!

Next week I'll finally have some nursery pics ready, so stay tuned...

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