Sonntag, 8. August 2010

another wedding!

I'm excited. Finally, there is another wedding coming up. The last wedding we've been to is about two years ago - too long, I think! Since I don't want to get married myself, I love people around me getting married. This time, my friends Amy and Geróid are getting hitched. They are a lovely couple, she's British and he's Irish - that's why it's been a real hazzle for them so far to get everything organized. He is for sure the most talkative person I've met in my entire life (I remember Amy saying to me at a fabric fair we went together to: 'I've been thinking for a long time about activities I could do when Gearóid's home - he talks so much it's impossible to concentrate on a book, so I need something I can do while listening to him. I think quilting is a good idea.')

I think the wedding invitations are fabulous, and so will be the party. So all we need is a fabulous present. Both of them are super creative, so we definitely need to come up with something super creative (well, at least without the 'super'). They've primarily asked for help with the party, but since I'm not really the perfect bar tender at the moment because I can't be on my feet for very much longer than 10 mins, I need to come up with something else.

Both of them enjoy making and eating food, crafting and design furniture. So I thought I could bake them a huge wedding cake out of pretty cupcakes, as seen here:

Also, I want to sew a couple of pillow cases for the Eames chairs they're wishing for.

Can't wait.

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