Freitag, 24. September 2010

elephants & cubes

Yesterday, I spent pretty much all sunny warm day outside with a friend and her baby in the parc. Today, it's raining and I don't plan on leaving the house whatsoever. Which means: Lots of crafting time. The elephants above make a crackling noise as they're touched - somebody told me babies liked that. We'll see.
I've seen cubes similar to these here, except they were knitted (and quite expensive). I didn't want to spend more money on baby's stuff than I already did in the past few weeks. And I can't knit, so I decided to chose the sewing alternative. They're super soft and I really like touching and playing with them - so we're safe in case the baby won't like it.

Ps. I received my fabulous apron from lovely Venus - I'll take some pics on the weekend to share with you. Have a wonderful Friday!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Those cubes are beautiful! I might try to make a few...because I will, just like you, spend a little bit (much)on baby's stuff ;)

    And you look so pretty!