Donnerstag, 16. September 2010

how could I possibly...

...turn 30 without knowing such a thing as cake pops existed?

Seriously, this is the most adorable sweet thing I've ever seen - besides cupcakes, of course. They are definitely something I need to try very soon! They can be found in the sweetest variations for all ocassions - Halloween, Christmas... You absolutely need to browse through Bakerellas lovely creations, she's the unchallenged Mistress of Cake Pops, I reckon.

Have a sweet day!

Ps. I had been dealing with several kinds of mechanics the past couple of days which I found quite annoying because what you do most of the time is just sitting around and waiting. Today is a wonderful day just for myself, so here are my plans for today:
  • Spend all day in my studio with my sewing machine and my many many fabrics
  • Eat the leftovers for lunch: Homemade spinach ricotta ravioli with roasted tomatos
  • Read a bit in my favourite blogs
  • Tonight, we're going to see a friend of ours play theatre

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