Freitag, 17. September 2010

pouching along

It's crazy how productive one can be if there's plenty of time! In my last post, I told you that I was so looking forward to have a day just to myself - and my lovely Singer sewing machine. What shall I say - it was truly wonderful.

Again I'm basically amazed by two things: First, how nice it is to acutally see the results of your hands' work. It is so much more satisfying than brain work that I usually do.

Second amazement: How I keep sewing and sewing and my fabric piles won't get smaller.

Which, on the one hand, is nice because it gives me the very comforting feeling of being able to keep on sewing forever. On the other hand, it makes me nervous since I'm impatiently waiting for my next visit at the fabric store.

Also, I am in some way unable to entirely use a piece of fabric - do you know what I mean? I have many fabrics that I really love - and it seems I can just never use all of it, because then it would be gone.

See - I'm all prepared for christmas!

Ps. Today, I will try my first batch of Red Velvet Cupcakes using this recipe. Also, I'm looking forward to a little walk in the woods since it's the nicest Autumn weather today!

Pps. Tomorrow, we're going on a short trip to the Black Forest, celebrating the 30th birthday of a very dear friend. Keep the fingers crossed for the weather so I can bring back some beautiful photos!

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